“The greatest value of a picture is when it forces us to notice what we never expected to see.” - John Tukey

We've made the collection and digitalization of physical data affordable, easy and fast. Delivering massively scalable Low-powered Wireless Personal Area Networks (LoWPAN). Together, we can grow the data about our built world by 100x. For a safer, more efficient, healthier and more productive future.

Open Source

The old guard of building automation needed some disruption. We realized that proprietary software and gateways are holding back the Internet, from IoT. We’ve abstracted as much as possible and turned it loose.

Wireless Networking

Too many protocols and frequencies make a mess of IoT. Our solution uses ubiquitous 802.15.4, high quality radios, open source ContikiOS Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) and the Conectric Mesh hybrid archtecture. Delivering small data packets just about anywhere, reliably.

Energy Intelligence

Energy systems have become ridiculously complicated. Given decades of experience in the energy sector, we’ve developed software to compliment physical world data sets that delivers ROI including: Demand Charge management, wholesale market participation and EUI reporting.

Wireless Sensors

"There's a sensor for that." Affordable, discreet sensors that collect the data you need to deliver value. Temperature, humidity, occupancy, door position switch, pulses, and RS485 serial data.

Software Developer Kit (SDK)

Systems Integrators and Web Developers can use our SDK to build their sensor networks quickly and efficiently. We’ve removed all the hardware and wireless risk and leave your imagination in charge.

Virtual Energy Grids

Partnered under the California Energy Commission EPIC program with industry leaders like the Center for Sustainable Energy, Tesla, Olivine and DNV-GL, Conectric demonstrates how data and energy really are synonymous.

How to sum up Conectric?

We make wireless sensors (hardware) to detect physical world conditions, advanced networking protocols (software) to connect sensors on a massive scale, and software for energy intelligence, demand charge mitigation, energy efficiency and demand response. We've delivered the fabric of the future.

On the path to Billions of sensors. Because, yes!

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