Zero Down and Guaranteed Return*. We automate your energy loads, improving guest experiences and saving expenses, with up to 50% IRR on our eSaaS managed efficiency plan. The only guaranteed free hotel automation solution in the world. Find Out More

We have more experience delivering energy efficiency to hotels than anyone else in the market, consistently winning international awards.

The numbers don’t lie. Our short-term contracts provide the operator with a guaranteed return and real-time data access.

Unlike others, we aren’t just selling bits of plastic. You’re engaging us in a guaranteed cash flow with countless ancillary benefits. We live by Performance.


The result of focusing on smart projects.

Current daily Conectric MWh savings.

The environmental side of the triple bottom line.

12 and counting since G1 product launch.

Conectric news

San Diego, CA 11/12/2015. Phillip Kopp, Conectric's CEO will speak about Smart City Energy Solutions at the 2015 Green Connections Smart Cities Applied Solutions -Next Steps conference, November 12th at the Kona Kai Resort in San Diego.

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San Diego, CA 5/22/2015. Conectric LLC CEO Phillip Kopp will be speaking alongside celebrity and business personalities as a panelist on the topic "Creating Smarter Cities Thru Smarter Buildings" at Sustainatopia 2015, June 28th and 29th at the Hyatt Regency Beverly Hills.
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Ing. Mariano Chabert - Director T&S Energía, Santo Domingo
"I am an electro-mechanical engineer with over 20 years of experience working with HVAC and mechanical systems and my business partner sits on the board of the national electric company of the Dominican Republic. We believe the ECOSYSTEM is a high quality product and very effective at reducing energy in hotels where there is significant wasted kWh."
Doron Danon - MD Smart Hotel Solutions, Melbourne
"The ECOSYSTEM is a good improvement over the previous products on the market. So far we have installed over 200 rooms with the new ECOSYSTEM range and have seen good results without any problems."

Conectric Clients and Partners

*Based on the findings of your included Bank Grade energy audit, Conectric will guarantee a minimum return in energy savings over our eSaaS service fees. In other words, our eSaaS service guanrantees your annual energy budget will go down or we cut you a check. It's that simple.